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From Me To You (hint: FREEBIES inside!)

A few days back, I posted my "work-in-progress" pattern design on my Instagram feed. Along with it are these words:

"I feel you...I feel it too. Everybody feels for every one and the best thing we can do is uplift each other. This is the time when positivity and support is as important as any essential items you buy from your local market or grocery.

May we all do our part in our current world situation and may us, artists, designers & art enthusiasts alike, continue to spread joy and love through our works of art. If you can, create an artwork and share it with a positive message to your loved ones as well as those in the frontlines who are such brave heroes we’ll forever be indebted to.

Let us keep hoping & praying that one day (hopefully the soonest) when we wake up, that this pandemic is over and we can all go out in the streets and celebrate like we’ve never celebrated before, hug our families and peers like we’ve never hugged them before and choose to live our lives for the better like we’ve never did before. My love and support goes out to all of you."

As I pondered on these words, I know in my heart I wanted to share this kind of positivity in a more concrete form. I came across other artists / designers' feeds which gave me an idea of how I can, in my small little way, be a source of love and support to you, my dear art community. So I came up with this: FREEBIES!

Click on the link at the end so you can download the following:

1. 2 sets of downloadable floral backgrounds (in ZIP format) - you can print these straight away and use them to write your name on them or write love notes on them to send to your loved ones as well as to our brave front line health care workers (they would need all the kind of moral support now). You can also have the option to save these on your personal computer / laptop and insert each one as an image file on Word (Windows) or Pages (Apple OS) and write over it. If you have an iPad with Procreate app, you may also use these there and write digitally on them.

- and -

2. 2 sets of lettering worksheets (in ZIP format) - you can print this straight away or if you have an iPad & Procreate app, you can extract the zip file and save the JPG (image) files to your iPad and start your practice there using your calligraphy brushes on Procreate.

So there you have it! I hope that we can all make use of this time to reset, renew and reflect on what really matters in our lives while taking good care of our health and that of our loved ones'. May these freebies be of good use to you and keep you busy and productive while at home.

Again, my love goes out to all of you.

***Click here for the freebies!

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