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The creative

Hi, I am Shie Sison.

I am a creative designer, freelance illustrator, mompreneur & small business owner who has a BS Interior Design degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

I am originally from Makati City, Philippines but now resides in Doha, Qatar together with my architect-husband and our little daughter. I have been drawing, illustrating, coloring and painting my whole childhood till graduating from the university. I halted these beautiful hobbies of mine when I started my professional Interior Design career in '06.


In 2016, I rekindled my art journey with pencils, pen & ink. I made different b/w lettering & calligraphy pieces for my friends and family. It was through a random suggestion from a close friend of mine that eventually directed me to shift to colored artworks and illustrations. This routed me to go back to my color wheel lessons and recall the various techniques I learned in various art mediums particularly colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor, gouache and acrylics.


I found watercolor to be the most beautiful yet the most challenging of all so I decided it to be the focal point of my rekindled creative endeavor. I then began creating watercolor pieces. I set up an Instagram art account which eventually opened a lot of doors for me - I slowly started receiving custom design inquiries, both locally and internationally. This then paved the way for me to create SISON DESIGNS.

The realist

Hi there!


Together with my wife, I co-manage Sison Designs.


While my wife focuses on the creative aspect of this little business, I handle the contract and tech side.

Our husband & wife tandem allows us to be fully flexible in achieving to meet our client's expectations and beyond. We always strive to upgrade our design process, artistic techniques and client approach to be able to expand our business horizon.

The boss baby



I'm my Mom and Dad's sweetiepie. Whenever their day is full and crazy especially during project submissions, I make sure to shift the mood to light and bubbly. I love singing and playing especially when my Mom paints. At times, I also try to make my own suggestions to her paintings (when I feel like it) by drawing cute doodles with my colored pencils.

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